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​—George Heidekat



Who are you, anyway?

​I'm a professional writer for hire, with a deep interest in clearing things up. So far, I haven't run into anything so complex that I can't explain it in plain English.


What's your background?
Training in journalism and graphic design. Long experience in technical and B-to-B communications, advertising, and media relations. Video guy. Web guy. Ink-on-paper guy.


Besides writing, what else do you offer clients?
Listen, all writing is 90 percent editing. And I edit what I write more rigorously than a lot of other writers do. When asked, I do the same for my clients. Away from my desk, I facili-tate project-definition workshops. When the video scripts I write call for on-camera interviews, I pinch-hit as a producer on location.

What's your hourly rate?
"What would this project cost?" is usually a more productive question. So first I make sure you and I share an understanding of the deliverables and the tasks required to produce them. Once we agree on a task-based estimate (unless the scope changes for reasons beyond my control), I stick to it. Of course, if you're starting with a budget in mind, feel free to mention it up front.




 Name development
 Positioning workshops
 Tagline development
 Mission, vision & values articulation
Content development
 Advertising copywriting
 Annual reports
 Articles (bylined & feature)
 Capabilities brochures
 Case studies
 Media pitches & proposals
 News releases
 Product packaging copy
 User manuals & instructions
 Video scripts
 Web content
 White papers

Signature topics
 Medical research
 Science & technology