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Medical Researcher Profiled
"You've done a great job! I really like the visuals you sprinkle in, 
and the undercurrent that tells me [this scientist] has a well-developed
 sense of humor and sense of himself in the world."
— Mary Beth Gardiner, HHMI Bulletin,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Let's Get Something Clear
"What is it?" "How does it work?" "What does it mean?" "Why should we care?" "What's in it for us?" "What's the difference between ...?" When you can answer those questions — and do it with clarity — you're on your way to making your idea, your offering, or your cause a successful idea, offering, or cause. That's because clarity invites understanding. And understanding leads to buy-in.  
As your professional writer, I bring you clarity. To do it, I listen hard, ask questions, and confirm that we both understand your aims and your audience. Then, from an ocean of alternatives, I distill the clearest possible communication. No artificial flavoring or coloring; no fillers or extenders. Like this...